Dental Access Program

Health Right’s mission is to increase access to urgent dental care for low-income adults. With grant funding, Health Right is able to assist with the cost of fillings and extractions for those experiencing pain or infection. Dental care is coordinated with a network of generous dental professionals who donate a portion of the treatment.

Approximately 400 people are served each year through the Dental Access Program. If you don’t have dental insurance or a way to pay the dentist, call our office to see if you qualify.

Contact: Dental Case Manager, Jan Chippendale
301-777-9150 x112 ​or email:
Our secure, HIPAA-compliant fax: 301-501-5702

How Do I Qualify?

Health Right, a program of AHEC West, helps low income adults without coverage access emergency dental care. The Dental Access Program serves adults who meet income and residency requirements, and have an urgent need for dental treatment. Those requesting assistance are asked to call us directly to see if we can help you and to discuss the items needed for your application. Treatment must be pre-approved and enrollment in the program is required prior to receiving treatment.

Annual family gross income guidelines:
  • 1 person household, $32,200 or less
  • 2 person household, $43,550 or less
  • 3 person household, $54,900 or less
  • 4 person household, $66,250 or less
  • 5 person household, $77,600 or less
  • 6 person household, $88,950 or less