Rising influx of elderly patients forces docs to re-think Emergency Room care: http://ow.ly/euui30c4tLv

Despite a culture clash and lack of time and training, ER doctors see how palliative care averts suffering for elderly patients with serious...

Congressional Budget Office predicts 23 million would lose health insurance under House health plan: http://ow.ly/DJ4C30c2QJY

The report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office evaluates last-minute changes made to the bill to help propel it to passage.

Study: Unnecessary medical tests cost $200 billion a year, do other harm as well. http://ow.ly/mA9I30c16Ge

The health care industry thrives on ordering up tests and treatments, but some hospitals are urging restraint.

HPV Virus: Separate myth from fact at http://www.hpv.com/

Strokes kill 133,000 Americans each year. This is National Stroke Awareness Month: http://ow.ly/5Tlz30bYXI7

Help us recognize American Stroke Month with resources for partners, healthcare professionals and the general public.
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