STEP: Stretching To EmPower


... empowered in the stretching

The STEP program is one of 20 community initiatives nationwide approved in July, 2017 by the federal Office on Women's Health (OWH) to reduce opioid misuse among women.Established in 1991, OWH is an agency of  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) tasked with coordinating women's health efforts across HHS. OWH addresses critical women's health issues by informing and advancing policies, educating health care professionals and consumers, and supporting model programs.
From the introduction to the grant application that secured OWH funding for STEP:
"This project seeks to serve female public-housing residents in three communities of Allegany County, Md., forging a sustainable program that educates, motivates and strengthens women, arming them intellectually, psychologically and physically against the risks and ravages of opioid misuse. Led by a fully trained and culturally competent Community Health Worker (CHW), participants will take part in weekly events that will feature an educational component addressing general and female-related opioid use, followed by an evidence-based yoga program to develop mind, body and spirit as the ultimate defense against substance misuse."

Governing Board members of STEP include the following agencies:
Allegany County Health Department, Tri-State Community Health Center, Allegany College of Maryland, the housing authorities of Allegany County, Cumberland and Frostburg, and AHEC West. 
Supportive Partnering Agencie include:
Allegany County Sheriff's Office, Cumberland City Police Department, Frostburg City Police Department

Following organizational development and training, the STEP program began in earnest early in 2018, with weekly yoga sessions at no cost for female residents of the public housing agencies in Cumberland, Frostburg, and Westernport. The yoga program is held for 10 consecutive weeks, with a second 10-week session conducted later in the year. Other activities and programs will be held in the intervening months. For more information about STEP, contact Program Coordinator Jen Thomas at 301-777-9150 X-109 or by email at

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