Registered Dietitian Directory

  • Dr. Jennifer Thorn Bentlejewski, RDN
    University of Maryland Cooperative Extension
    Area Extension Director - Western Cluster
    1916 Maryland Highway Suite A
    Mt Lake Park, MD 21550
    Phone number at Garrett County Extension Office: 301-334-6960

  • Lisa McCoy, MS, RDN, LDN
    Extension Educator, Western Cluster
    University of Maryland Extension

  • Alice Corle, RDN, LDN
    Clinical Dietitian 
    UPMC Bedford Memorial Hospital 
    10455 Lincoln Highway
    Everett, PA 15537 
    Phone: 814-624-4328

    Alice Corle, RD, LDN is a clinical dietitian at UPMC Bedord Memorial Hospital and provides:
    • Outpatient nutrition counseling/ medical nutrition therapy with a physician referral
    • Available for appointments Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with exceptions made as needed.  
    • Community speaking and health fairs as available.
  • Marcy J. Etherson, RDN, LDN, MBA 
    Consulting Dietitian
    Office: 301-777-1512
    Cell: 301-467-9080
    • BS - Dietetics & Nutrition - University of Pittsburgh
    • Over 25 years in Dietetics working in a wide variety of settings
    • Expertise in geriatrics and long-term care
  • Abbi N. Kifer, RDN, LDN
    Maryland Cooperative Extension-Garrett County 
    1916 Maryland Highway, Suite A
    Mt. Lake Park, MD  21550 
    Phone: 301-334-6960
    Fax: 301-334-6961
    • Abbi N. Kifer is currently employed by the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Office in Garrett County Maryland for the Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program; Maryland Food Stamp Nutrition Education (FSNE) provides nutrition education to help low income individuals and families make healthy food choices, develop food preparation skills, handle food safely, improve food shopping skills, and increase their physical activity. FSNE offers a variety of programs to support the work of community agencies serving low income families. Contact your local University of Maryland Cooperative Extension office to learn more about FSNE and how it can benefit your organization.
    • Beyond Benefit with Abbi Kifer - privately owned consulting practice which provides services such as nutrition counseling, group sessions at location of your groups choice, educational seminars and classes, menu reviews, and much more. Licensed in both Maryland and West Virginia and certified in adult weight management.  If interested in services by Beyond Benefit, please contact registered dietitian Abbi Kifer at 304-813-2124.
  • Brenda Ridgway, RDN, LDN
    Clinical Nutrition Manager
    UPMC Altoona Hospital
    620 Howard Avenue
    Altoona, PA 16601
    Phone: 814-889-3037
  • Susan Scarpelli, RDN
    939 Frederick St
    Cumberland, MD 21502
    Office: 301-724-0351
    Fax: 301-724-8961
    • Accepts most health insurance, including Medicare.
    • Need an MD order or a DX, DM or CKD 3.4
  • Theresa Stahl, RDN, LDN
    Outpatient/Community Dietitian
    Western Maryland Regional Medical Center
    12501 Willowbrook Road 
    Cumberland, MD  21502 
    Office: 240-964-8416
    Cell: 240-727-8626
    Website: or
    • Theresa has over 25 years' experience as a Registered Dietitian working in a wide variety of settings including private practice, behavioral health and acute care hospitals, addictions/recovery programs, public health, wellness and weight loss programs, and dialysis 
    • Hosts a Balanced Eating blog at the health website  
    • Teaches PraiseMoves exercise classes
    • Adjunct nutrition instructor at Potomac State College of West Virginia University
    • Past media experience includes radio and television health spots/nutrition tips
  • Linda S. Sweitzer, RD, LDN
    Clinical Dietitian
    Golden Livin Center
    521 Winifred Road
    Cumberland, MD 21502
    Office: 301-724-6066
    Fax: 301-724-1242
    • B.S. Home Economics (dietetics) - West Virginia Wesley College
    • Over 30 years experience in dietetics as a Clinical Dietician, Director of Nutritional Services with an emphasis in long term care with the developmentally disabled, adult/juvenile addictions and rehab, and psychiatric and geriatric individuals.
    • Individual nutritional consulting, healthy recipe demonstrations, and community speaking as available.
  • Kristin Wilkins, MS, RDN, LDN
    Food Service Manager
    UPMC Bedford Memorial
  • Jennifer Wilson, MEd, RD, LDN
    Allegany County Health Department
    Director of Nutrition Services
    Office: 301-759-5021
    Fax: 301-777-5861
    • B.S. in Dietetics - Hood College
    • MEd - Frostburg State University
    • Over 20 years' experience as a Registered Dietitian, working in hospital, public health and academic settings
    • Currently working in public health.

Western Maryland Regional Medical Center Dietitians

12500 Willowbrook Road
Cumberland, MD  21502

  • Joni Brode, RDN, LDN
    Nutrition Counselor
    The Center for Clinical Resources: Diabetes Program
    Areas of interest: Heart Healthy Nutrition, Diabetes, Functional Foods, Alternative Medicine/Nutrition, Wellness
  • Elizabeth Kauruter, RDN, LDN
    Clinical Dietitian
  • Melody Lindner, RDN, LDN
    Outpatient/Community Dietitian
  • Jennifer Perrin, RD, LDN, CDE
    Diabetes Program Coordinator
  • Tonya Sherrill-Kunn, MS, RDN, LDN
    Clinical Dietitian
  • Hana Pike, MS, RDN, LDN
The Center for Clinical Resources
Nutrition Counselor
  • Theresa Stahl, RDN, LDN
    Outpatient/Community Dietitian
  • Emily Valko, RDN, LDN
    Clinical Dietitian
  • Amanda Pratt
    Dietetic Intern
  • Ruth Chisholm
Dietetic Intern 2015 - May 2016
  • Shirley Charm
Dietetic Intern
  •  Megan Henderson, RDN, LDN
Clinical Dietitian
  • Lindsay Montgomery, RDN, LDN
Clinical Dietitan
  • Jacquelyn Ambrogio, RDN
Clinical Dietitian