Disaster Health Resources

In Fiscal Year 2013, AHEC West completed Safe Seniors: Appalachian Disaster and Emergency Health Information Outreach, a one-year contract with the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

AHEC West’s medical librarian at the time provided training sessions for local health professionals and others involved in disaster health planning and management, with NLM’s Disaster Information Management and Research Center highlighted.

Western Maryland local public health emergency and disaster information can be found on the websites of local health departments and at county and city emergency services sites.

Below are links that may prove helpful: Presentations for Training Events on Locating Reliable Disaster Health Information, with specific resources for the following audiences, are available. All versions include a general overview of NLM’s Disaster Information Management Research Center, and most include Maryland disaster/emergency resources as well.
College Faculty Powerpoint | PDF
Community Planners/First Responders Powerpoint | PDF
Health Professionals working in hospitals PowerPoint Powerpoint | PDF
Librarians Powerpoint | PDF
Ministers and other Faith Leaders Powerpoint | PDF
Parish Nurses Powerpoint | PDF
Seniors Powerpoint | PDF
Social Workers Powerpoint | PDF
Undergraduate Students Interested in Health Careers Powerpoint | PDF
Feel free to download, print, use as-is or edit these presentations for your educational needs. Credit to AHEC West and NLM would be appreciated.