Continuing Education

Each year, AHEC West provides a variety of continuing education courses for area health professionals.

Since 2010, AHEC West has: Conducted 319 continuing education events for 10,732 health professionals. Organized 106 Trainings for 3,140 participants.  Hosted 954 students for 4,507 clinical education rotation weeks.
Approximately 50 to 60 courses are provided each year, often reaching well over 2,000 professionals. Non-credit programs are offered as well. Presentation formats include seminars, workshops, lectures, video conferences, and telecasts. By providing quality, diverse, and affordable educational opportunities, AHEC West is assisting in the retention of health professionals in the region as well as helping to improve the health care provided area citizens. During any given fiscal year, the number of programs conducted and professionals served is commensurate with the amount of available grant funds.

During Fiscal Year 2016, 61 continuing education courses were sponsored or co-spon­sored for a total of 2,516 health professionals trained, awarding 222 credit hours.