Maryland Area Health Education Center West, also known as "AHEC West," is a rural, community-based organization serving Appalachian counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. To fulfill our mission to improve access to and promote quality in health care through educational and other partnerships, we collaborate with local, state, federal, and private organizations working toward mutual goals of a fair national distribution of health professionals and the elimination of health disparities due to rurality, poverty, race, and culture.


Melissa Clark leads planning for October MRHA Conference

Our own Associate Director Melissa Clark was featured this week in the Cumberland Times-News, in a story detailing her work helping to plan the upcoming annual conference of the Maryland Rural Health Association, to be held Oct. 5-6 at the Wisp Resort in Garrett County. Click HERE to read the story. [READ MORE]

G.A.I.T. student projects slated for October

Geriatric Assessment Interdisciplinary Team – G.A.I.T
Two day-long G.A.I.T. projects are scheduled this fall, both in October in Washington County.
“Supporting Staying at Home – Adult Medical Day Services” will be held Friday, Oct. 20 at Diakon Adult Medical Day Services in Hagerstown.
“Maintaining Independence – Healthy Older Adults Meeting the Challenges of Aging” will be held Thursday, Oct. 26 at Independent Living, Homewood at Williamsport, in Williamsport, Md.
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For more information on the G.A.I.T. program and both projects, click here.

Office on Women's Health fights opioid epidemic

Whether you watch, read, or scroll to get your news, you have undoubtedly seen the reports — our country is in the midst of an epidemic of overdose and deaths as a result of opioid misuse. In 2015, 33,091 Americans died as a result of opioid overdoses. That's higher than the number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents, and it's a 15.6% increase from the previous year. 
The Office on Women's Health is battling this epidemc on a number of fronts, including through the grant program that funded creation of the STEP program - Stretching To EmPower - here at AHEC West. Click here to read about this and other ways the Office on Women's Health is working to curb opioid misuse and addiction.

HHS Live Stream - Recovery, Prevention, & Hope: National Experts Equip Faith and Community Leaders on Opioids and Addictions

HHS Live-Stream — National Recovery Month Event
Recovery, Prevention, & Hope: National Experts Equip Faith and Community Leaders on Opioids and Addictions, Sept. 27

On September 27, live from Washington D.C., the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will convene national speakers to talk directly to faith and community leaders about the opioid epidemic and other addictions to raise awareness, encourage compassion, reinforce the role of community and families in long-term recovery and prevention, and make a call to action.
Please save the date and consider hosting a post-broadcast discussion in your community with local experts and discuss approaches for fostering healing and aligning community-wide efforts to renew wholeness in your community. 
The event will be live-streamed from the HHS.gov/live page beginning at 1 p.m.
More details to follow.
For more information click here.

AHEC West in the news with new STEP Program: Stretching To EmPower

AHEC West Executive Director Susan Stewart was recently interviewed on WBAL Radio about the new STEP yoga program, Stretching To EmPower, which has been funded through the federal Office on Women's Health. To see WBAL's post and hear Susan's interview, click here.
Hearst Television has also filed a piece on the STEP program, which will serve female residents of public housing in Allegany County. Click here for the Hearst story. [READ MORE]
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